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Hello, I’m, Liz, a Registered Dietitian, home-gardener, and mom of two little guys. My favorite part of being a dietitian is helping others discover a love of eating veggies and helping to heal relationships with food. Gardening is a way to grow appreciation for food as we care for and nurture the plants, eventually bringing them into the home to prepare and eat. 

Many of us grew up with a difficult relationship with food. Feeling like vegetables were a punishment to get through in order to earn dessert. Others of us grew up eating mostly convenience foods that didn’t include many veggie options, so it’s not an issue of being a picky eater so much as it is an inexperienced eater. 

My interest in cooking with vegetables started in my early twenties as a dietetic student. I was determined to expand my taste preferences and started slowly incorporating new flavors and cooking methods I wasn’t familiar with. It wasn’t until we bought our first house that I started experimenting with the garden.

You don’t have to grow up gardening and cooking to enjoy it as an adult. Clients often share that they didn’t grow up eating these types of foods so they don’t think they can enjoy it. You can, if you want to. 

Gardening is a great way to get to know your food. Eating it from a curious perspective, and non-judgmental way, can help you begin to peel back the layers of your relationship with food and start to truly enjoy your veggies.

Liz in an orange sweater, kneeling on the ground with her two sons.


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