I love running. You can too. 

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So, you’re new to the running community and you don’t quite get it. That’s ok. You can learn to love running even if it doesn’t come naturally right away. Cultivate a love for running by following these tips. I love running and believe that it’s something that most people can enjoy with the right mindset and tools.

Run for you. 

Not because you think you should. Not for weight loss. Just for you. When we run for those other things, it’s easy to lose sight of the real benefits and give up. Quitting, before you’ve realized the benefits.

Run for the mental clarity that comes during a run. Run because it gives you a boost of energy the rest of the day. Run because you know you’ll sleep better. Run for the quiet time. Run for the fresh air.

Set yourself up for success. 

It takes more than just running to love running. Create habits that lend themselves to helping you feel better all around. It takes time to create new habits. If you find yourself lacking in a few of these areas, pick one at a time to hone in on before tackling the next step.

Habits to build into your routine:

  • Aim to get 7-9 hours of sleep. 
  • Drink water throughout the day. 
  • Limit sugary drinks
  • Eat a variety of foods throughout the day including proteins, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. 

Run on your own schedule.

If you’re a morning person, run in the morning after a quick breakfast. If you’re not a morning person, run in the evening after an afternoon snack. If you’re just trying to squeeze in a run whenever it fits, do that. 

Make it fun.

Try out different types of music, podcasts, audiobooks, or simply enjoy the quiet. Sign up for a fun run with a friend. Try out a new trail. Seek out a run on your next work trip or vacation.

Get support.

Find others who like to run. If you don’t know anyone personally, join a local runners group, find a Facebook group, join an app that tracks your runs and add your runner friends to it. 

Running isn’t a competition, it’s an individual sport. If you’re feeling intimidated to share your runs with others, it’s ok. Share some small victories or things you’ve learned and see how others start to open up with you as well. 

Some of my favorite online communities are: Another Mother Runner and Runners Helping Runners on Facebook. I also enjoy the Strava app and Garmin app.

Run in what feels good.

Wear clothes that 1) are comfortable on your body and 2) make you feel good. 

For a long time I avoided leggings and biker-style shorts because I didn’t think they were comfortable and worried they were too tight. Turns out, I needed a better quality option. Now I only run in leggings or biker shorts. 

I love how I feel faster in them, I love the convenience of pockets, and they are so comfy. I no longer worry about what others may think about my running outfits, I care what I think. 

Give yourself time to work out the kinks. 

It takes time to get into a routine and to feel good in it. In the beginning, you might be more  prone to getting side stitches or leg cramps. It will be harder to get control of your breathing. You might not be able to go as far as you’d like.

That’s OK. Keep building on a half mile at a time. Try to stay hydrated and build in nutritious components to your meals and snacks. Do some yoga one or two days a week. You’ll get there on your own time. 

This information is for educational purposes only and is not meant to be a substitute for medical treatment or diagnosis. You should consult with your doctor before changing your diet or starting supplements for any health condition.

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